Dating hallmarks

The Edinburgh mark is a three-turreted castle (to which a thistle was added from 1759 until 1975 when a lion rampant replace the thistle); the mark for Sheffield was a crown until 1974 when it was replaced by a rosette, while the symbol for silver made in Birmingham is an anchor.

Dublin silver is struck with a crowned harp, to which a seated figure of Hibernia was added in 1731.

A company would change its hallmark every few years during its production timeline.

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Maybe your vehicle was making a strange noise, or perhaps it was for routine maintenance.

Be careful not to confuse date marks an ITEM NUMBERS 1917 was a transition year for date marks.

The year opened with the traditional circle with a 17 inside. Date marks were used on STERLING SILVER from 1950, the year P=1950, in this case the P is there to identify the item number relates to Pewter.

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