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Sensing an easy target, they closed in for the kill.Almost 14,000 years later, there is no way to tell how many hits it took to bring the beast to the ground near the coast of present-day Washington state.The following is from Frozen Fauna of the Mammoth Steppe by Guthrie: "The word mummy has long been used to describe carcasses preserved in northern permafrost.Some have objected to this usage on the basis that preservation by freezing is unlike 'real' mummification of an embalmed or dried corpse.The carcass also oozed a dark red liquid, which researchers hoped was blood.The carcass was so well preserved that a scientist took a bite of it.

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The story starts around the end of the last ice age, when sea levels were lower and big-game hunters living in eastern Siberia followed their prey across the Bering land bridge and into Alaska.

The carcass, which oozed fresh blood when it was first dislodged from the permafrost, is perhaps the best hope of cloning a mammoth yet.

[Read the full story on the mammoth autopsy] Frozen in time When the team dug up the carcass, they found that almost all of the carcass was intact, with three legs, the majority of the body, part of the head and the trunk still present.

I found several books on the subject, including the original book written by one of the scientists who actually examined, preserved and transported the mammoth remains from Siberia.

Preservation of the mammoth remains was somewhat different than has been imagined by the uninformed.


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