Dating a leupold scope

Standing at the sign out front, the headquarters could be taken for a small college or public library.

he Leupold & Stevens factory in Beaverton, Ore., just west of Portland, stands on the far edge of a grassy, wooded hill at the end of a long, curving driveway, and the distance from the public street to the front door is just far enough to put one of their popular riflescopes or range finders to the test.

I've been guilty of the reverse, buying a good old scope and then eventaully finding a rifle to go under it.

Right now, a 6X Unertl sits on the shelf waiting...sooner or later, it will find a rifle to wear.

All Japanese scopes use nearly identical designs so there is very little difference.

The big difference is where the importer wants to fit in the market place and what he is willing to pay for.


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