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Detective Ackley on 19 separate occasions engaged in Internet chats with the suspect, and on almost every occasion, the suspect solicited a meeting for sex, sent him links to pornographic websites, or discussed all the sexual acts that he wanted to do with the minor.This suspect would constantly set up meeting dates, but a day or so before would reschedule for a different date.At this point the investigation had to kick into high gear due to the possibility of a real child being subject to sexual abuse.Detective Ackley, during his chats with the suspect, was able to capture his IP address, and this information, combined with good observation skills during the chats, was able to identify the suspect as Anthony Kelly.Velez allegedly told the police officer to meet him at a motel where they would have sex with the children.He then drove to a motel in Stafford, where he was met by police and arrested.

The Mpowerment Project can reach large numbers of young gay/bisexual men in a cost effective manner because it is a community level intervention.Detective Ackley, while online in one of his undercover identities as a 13-year-old girl, was approached by an individual who used the screen name of Die Hard With U.This suspect was one of the most graphic chatters that he has had in his career.At Sorrels, Udashen & Anton, we provide skilled legal counsel and strategic criminal defense at any stage in the process.Whether you suspect that you are the target of a police sting or you need to appeal your conviction, our attorneys will take on every aspect of your case in state court, federal court or at the appellate level.A good example of such a case was an investigation brought to me by Detective Russell Ackley of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.


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