Dating someone in your church

In all my years of writing books and articles about relationships and touring North America to speak to audiences about relationships, I have heard of a “Christian matchmaker,” so I was instantly intrigued and made sure to attend.Upon arrival, I sat down and really took in what he was saying, and I realized that his advice was not far different from what other matchmakers claim.It might be an inability to take "no" for an answer (At which point that guy becomes "that stalker" and you might have to get a restraining order.) Regardless, that guy will always ask you out, as a rule.Which is, as you already may have guessed, awkward. He’s my brother.” Sometimes, you can’t even talk to someone of the opposite sex at church without everyone wondering if they should rush out and buy a hat.Beat it: If you’re dating someone outside your congregation, don’t introduce them until you feel secure in the relationship, and ask friends to keep it confidential. He proceeds to pretend that you have fallen from the face of the earth.

It's just that, if you like them, they probably don't like you, and vice versa.A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a relationship event being held at a local church, a town over from where I live.A “Christian matchmaker” would be on-hand to speak to a group of men and women about how they could become more approachable and what they could do to approach the opposite sex with more ease and comfort.Please understand that these people were not preteens, teenagers, or even very young adults – we are talking about people age 30 and older.Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I want to put it out there that I am an .I couldn’t help noticing he had his arm around you. A new relationship, when you’re just working out how you feel about each other, can quickly be scorched by the heat of outside interest.


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