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NOW WATCH THIS: Here's how Steve Jobs smacked down Michael Dell on stage.

I also spent an entire summer of my life playing Millsberry.

Apple keynotes are slick, professional affairs with much chin-stroking and little overt laughter (at least, unless Craig Federighi is presenting), right?

His publicist confirmed Barris died of natural causes Tuesday at his home in New York.

The whole thing comes across as more than a bit shambolic in retrospect, although given that the audience consisted of Apple sales people they probably enjoyed it.

But there is one little touch of Jobsian attention to detail: note the colours of the developers' polo shirts...

Then, I obviously didn't go out that weekend so I could properly spend my time gaming. All in all, whether you actually plan on playing the game or not, you've gotta admit this is a pretty huge step in the right direction when it comes to accepting all sorts of love — daddies included.

(If you know, you know.)So, yeah, I like a good, old-fashioned virtual reality game.


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