1st year sobriety and no dating

It is for this very reason that getting involved in a new relationship when you are fresh out of addiction rehabilitation is a bad idea.When a new relationship begins, it is only natural that your attention and focus tends to turn toward the other person.Thinking about having a relationship while in recovery can be a hard thing. Recovering addicts often share how previous relationships during their drinking and drug use days were tumultuous and unhealthy.One of the rules you are given when you enter into addiction recovery is that you should not begin a new relationship until you have been sober for at least one year.The first time you hear that, it may actually sound somewhat silly to you.There is no reason to let past relationships riddled with codependency issues, emotional abuse, and deception prevent you from starting over fresh now that you’ve cleaned up.However, there are a few things to watch out for, and five important tips to help you get started. Make sure you have sober time before even considering dating again.

While you are working hard to maintain your sobriety, you cannot allow yourself to lose sight of the big picture and lose everything you worked so hard for during addiction treatment.Because of the psychological problems that are a root cause for abusing drugs and alcohol, these issues transfer onto our marriages, relationships, and friendships.If you’ve been sober for some time and are looking to get back out in the dating world, there are a few words of advice that can help along the way.However, there is a good reason this rule is in place and has been used by counselors and addiction treatment staff for years.Your addiction recovery process is no doubt one of the most important gifts you will ever have.The process of recovery not only involves becoming sober, but learning to like oneself and appreciate life again.


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