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Paddy describes the prevailing attitude towards disabled people as desexualising, assuming that they are "not interested in" or not able to have sex.

Census figures from 2012 show that at least 13pc of people in Ireland are living with a disability, and yet Paddy says able-bodied people typically feel that they shouldn't be attracted to someone with a disability.

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You have a really good-looking face but I couldn't get with you because you're disabled.' What are you meant to say to that?The move comes following a huge increase in visitor numbers to the country, which has become popular with British stag parties looking for cheap alcohol - and sex.Over the next month, Latvian girls will be asked to consider very carefully whether they should agree to have sex with a visitor in return for a drink.Girls can provide you with a whole range of services, starting from the strip and to the most sophisticated sexual desires.Each of the girls is ready to fulfill your every whim as much as you need it to be.The campaign also suggests that "sex tourism" should more accurately be called "sex terrorism"."We want Latvians to accept that there is a problem and to start discussing it properly," said Evita Bille of the Alfa Centrs advertising agency involved in the campaign.


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